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10. června 2013 v 4:02
28 Acorn gang posing as more than 5

prosecution alleged, with a, Lee, Shen and other 25 people posing as Acorn employees to receive gifts for free postage,Hostage kidnappers sued for breach of contract law, insured fees means the use of fake Rolex watches, Fake Rolex GMT For Sale fake phone prepaid card, fake car fuel cards,doudoune moncler quincy, fraud victims Choi and other 5346 people total 355.4 million Rolex Replica yuan. The prosecution that the defendant for the purpose of fraud, illegal possession of other people's money, a huge amount, respectively, the larger, should be investigated for criminal liability for fraud.

newspaper reporter (Reporter Anying) 28 young men and women posing as and so, in more than a year's time a total of more than 5,000 people were defrauding more than 350 million.

said Liu Wenhua, the defendant posing as the more famous TV shopping company employees, cost only $ 100 fake Rolex as bait, with pre-choreographed the trap. The victims' legal consciousness, but it was cheap, luck, eventually cheated. Strengthen the case for investigation and expand the scope of legal advocacy to improve the ability to identify people, is an effective way to deal with such fraud.

yesterday, the case was brought before the court in the Changping District. This is Beijing's largest telecommunications fraud together.

Suzhou City,moncler femme, Anhui Province, Mr. Zhang is one of the victims. According to Zhang, he received last year claiming to be employees of the telephone Acorn International, said the gift Rolex watches, fuel cards and other gifts, only to pay 598 yuan fee and insurance fee by mail,moncler homme, I wanted to send him a watch. Mr Wong said a victim, because the gift was agreed to pay the value of sound, If international staff, thank you for your support TV shopping To thank you gift to your special Rolex watches, fuel card,doudoune moncler pas cher, you pay only 598 yuan insurance fee. TV shopping, so it would not be a guard, cheap luck eventually cheated

court, in addition to a principal with the approval of the prosecution allegations, the other defendants pleaded guilty. With some argued that the defendant himself and handled separately security of a relationship between husband and wife, Ann had a go 100,000 yuan, said its She bought a fake Rolex watches, Guangdong, pretend to give the customer. was arrested when she was pregnant, I would like to help her share the blame, only to participate in the public security organs admit committing the crime. with a wife Ann has been a production, are breast-feeding,doudoune moncler, handled separately.

court,?????????? ????????(?), defendants in the fraud operation that served as the operator, clerks and other various positions, clear division of labor. Wang, High,doudoune moncler femme, who served as operator of a day's work is the person in charge of security in accordance with information provided by a customer telephone call,PLA officers and soldiers buried in the tomb of th, push gifts to customers, the operator who has the stage name and number, , she said Acorn workers have the stage name. Monthly basic wage in 1250-1400 yuan or so,blouson moncler, according to sales while receiving 5-7% of the commission.

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